About Ethan

Ethan Design is dedicated to creating the highest quality Outdoor Furniture. Our family company began in 1984 and has grown to become a recognised name for its exclusive range of unique Outdoor Furniture.

A strong focus on design has resulted in proportionally balanced furniture that possesses a timeless and enduring style. Each piece is designed to be functional, comfortable, pleasing to the eye and very long lasting.

Ethan Design specialise in ‘custom making’ the furniture to suit your specific requirements. We recognise that each situation is unique and are committed to working alongside you, providing solutions that exceed your expectations. We have an unmatched reputation and export our furniture globally.

The furniture will last outdoors for generations. We believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing properly! All furniture is hand crafted and finished to a very high standard.

Skilled workmanship involving careful attention to detail, combined with both traditional and the latest construction techniques ensure the long lasting quality of the furniture.

An emphasis on continual improvement at Ethan Design results in an ongoing refinement of existing designs and development of practical innovation’s and new products.

Ethan Design do more than design and manufacture high quality Outdoor furniture. We also provide exceptional customer service that continues after your furniture has been delivered to ensure it will give you years of pleasurable use.
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